Online Options for Purchasing Travel Insurance from India for Travel to Thailand

Thailand is a land of history and culture and is a luxurious retreat for globetrotters. With white-sand beaches, lip-smacking delicacies, Buddhist temples, ancient ruins, and vibrant markets, Thailand has something to offer to all kinds of tourists.

Due to its proximity and affordability, the country has been a favourite destination for Indian travellers.

While you plan your next trip to Thailand, remember to get a travel insurance plan. A travel policy secures you financially when you are away from your home country.

Online Travel Insurance Policy for Thailand

Undoubtedly, Thailand is a hospitable and friendly country. However, securing yourself and your belongings when travelling to the country is a smart move. Although a travel insurance policy is not mandatory to visit the country, and no special travel insurance is required to visit Thailand, it can protect you against multiple incidents that can otherwise ruin your trip. Moreover, it can cover any unforeseen medical expense you incur when travelling.

You can buy Thailand travel insurance online from several insurance providers in India. Leading insurance providers like Tata AIG offer travel insurance plans at low premiums. So you can quickly get travel insurance for your Thailand trip online without having to visit the insurer’s branch office or do lengthy paperwork to get the policy.

Benefits of Travel Insurance for Thailand

You can purchase online travel insurance for a Thailand trip for its various benefits, such as:

  • Medical coverage: Medical emergencies can come unannounced, and they are even more challenging to handle when you are in a foreign land. A travel insurance policy can cover you in such a situation. It covers various medical expenses like medical assistance, accident, cost of hospitalisation, medical evacuation, etc.
  • Journey coverage: Travel insurance for your Thailand trip can cover you financially in unexpected scenarios like delay or cancellation of flight, loss of passport, robbery or theft, and flight hijacks. Such expenses can disrupt your travel plans and save your budget if insured.
  • Baggage coverage: Even the idea of losing your baggage on an international trip is scary. A travel insurance policy provides you coverage if you lose your baggage or if it gets delayed for some reason.

How to Select the Best Option for Purchasing Travel Insurance for Thailand

You will find several options to purchase travel insurance for your Thailand trip. Make the right decision when buying a travel insurance policy to meet its purpose if needed. The following tips will help you choose the right option for buying travel insurance:

  • Cost of policy: The cost of a travel insurance policy depends on your age, the extent of coverage the policy provides, and the duration of your trip. Select a policy that provides you with sufficient coverage within your budget.
  • Your requirement: Different insurers offer a variety of features and benefits on online travel insurance policies. Make a list of your requirements from a policy and select one that matches your requirements best.
  • Customer reviews: Feedback from existing customers can help you choose between online insurers. It is better to buy travel insurance in Thailand online from an insurer with good reviews and a reputation among customers.
  • Customer support: Another crucial factor to consider when purchasing an online travel insurance policy is the customer support the insurer provides. It is convenient to purchase online insurance from an insurer having prompt customer support to assist you in buying the policy and paying its premium. Moreover, the insurer should offer you complete support during claim settlement.

Thailand Entry Information for Indians

Indians can travel to Thailand with a valid passport and request a visa upon arrival on reaching the country. However, travellers opting for a Thailand visa for Indians can stay for a maximum of 30 days in Thailand. The documents you will need to furnish when entering the country are:

  • Valid passport
  • Valid visa (pre-approved or on-arrival)
  • Thailand pass
  • Flight booking confirmation
  • COVID-19-related documents (as required by the Thailand government at that time)
  • Proof of booking of the accommodation
  • Government-issued photo identification document


Thailand has a lot to offer, but visiting this country with the protection of travel insurance for Thailand is definitely going to be an intelligent choice. Not just Thailand, you should consider insuring yourself and your belongings against unpleasant surprises when you visit any foreign country. Just for you to know, you can opt for family travel insurance if you are planning a trip with your loved ones.

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