How to Trek the Wilderness With Your Dog

In order to ensure a successful outdoor trip with your canine companion, it is your responsibility as the owner to make sure that all precautions have been accounted for in anticipation of your upcoming adventure.

First things first, procure information like proof of ownership, medical records, and a recent photo of your dog. Have knowledge of your pet’s most recent vaccinations; the veterinarian could also provide a routine check-up and provide insect protection medicine. Also, have a first aid kit on hand for any health emergencies. Research the local wildlife and upcoming weather forecasts, as well as the location of the nearest veterinary hospital.

Be cognizant of special rules and guidelines for wherever you are headed. Certain parks may have restrictions on breeds, sizes, and number of pets you plan on taking along. Furthermore, be prepared for any unexpected fees that are not advertised.

Next, pack accordingly according to your destination. Of course, pack plenty of food and clothes, but gear such as raincoats, life jackets, and walking booties can prove to be the difference between joy and disaster. It’s also important to pack an appropriate supply of clean drinking water, because the water where you are headed may not be safe to drink.

Finally, owners should establish a comfortable, confined space for your pet to stay during travel. Owners can also crate their dog or tie them to the passenger seat with the appropriate harness. If you are taking a trailer, do not keep your dog there; have them ride up front.

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