Getting Started with Online Forex Trading

Are you an experienced trader, but not accustomed to trading online? Perhaps you’ve used phone orders in the past, and have only recently deciding to transition to an online environment instead. Or, you may be new to forex trading, and want to discover the basics of getting started. Whatever situation applies to you, getting started online is a straightforward process, and can be accomplished fairly quickly.

However, there are some important decisions which you will be required to make, from your preferred broker to the right trading software. To help you in this endeavor, let’s examine the steps you’ll need to take in more detail below.

Choose a Broker

The first step you must take when you begin trading online is to choose a forex brokerage firm. You have many different options available on the market today, from large international companies to small and more personal brokers. A bigger firm will typically have more oversight and regulation, which can be an attractive feature. They usually offer better trading software as well, and many support multiple platforms. This gives you flexibility and the ability to switch programs without opening a new account.

However, a smaller firm can often provide more personalized service, and it can be comforting to know you have a designated account manager. Yet, many bigger brokers are realizing customers are drawn in by this feature, and have begun offering this option as well.

A key factor to consider when selecting a broker is their commissions and fees. When it comes to the forex market, it is possible to locate a company which is commission free. With no fee charged for each trade which you make, you can use your money for investing and not account maintenance. Preserving you funds in this manner is an attractive option, and it is well worth your time to find such a firm.

Select a Trading Platform

This is probably the most important consideration, as the quality of your software will largely dictate the quality of your trading experience! Different platforms offer various features, and you need to decide which tools and options are necessary for you. Some programs such as MetaTrader4 offer in-depth research tools, with strong analytic capabilities. This gives you extra insight into the market, and can help you uncover unique trading opportunities. Further, such a system will give you access to powerful charting tools, and advanced graphing choices.

Also, a more sophisticate platform may deliver targeted market news, keeping you abreast of any unfolding situations which may influence currency prices. A more robust system is also designed to be free of errors, and to provide a constant stream of accurate data. If your program freezes or encounters issues, this can cause you to miss out on a trade or hold your position too long. Not only that, but the broker’s servers are an issue to consider as well, as they need to be both secure and encrypted.

Yet, you may prefer a simpler platform, as having less option makes it easier to use. If you are new to the forex market, you most likely won’t use the more advanced tools and features mentioned above. You want the best forex trading platform designed for beginners, and one which focuses upon an intuitive interface. Also, trade execution is a crucial function and you need a program with clear command buttons.

No matter which option you ultimately select, the software itself will be accessed online. How does this work? Rather than downloading a program to your computer’s desktop, you will visit your broker’s webpage instead. There you’ll find a login screen, and you will simply input your account information and password. The trading platform itself is completely web based, meaning you’ll be able to access it from any computer! This is a tremendous benefit, as it gives you a way to keep tabs on the market from nearly anywhere.

Funding Your New Account

Once you’ve determined what broker and software to use, you’ll then need to fund your new account. Many brokerage firms now offer valuable bonuses upon your first deposit, and you should take advantage of this! You might consider adding more funds in the beginning, to capitalize on this type of special program. How much can you expect? While every company has their own limits, many offer a bonus between twenty and thirty percent! This can add up to thousands of dollars, and you can’t afford to miss this opportunity to profit.

Also, some brokers also extend bonuses to ongoing deposits as well, further stretching your benefit. You can receive as much as 15% for every deposit, which is sure to add up over time. This essentially gives you free money to trade with, and you might never even risk your own funds in the market.

Start Trading

At this point you’ve chosen your broker, selected your trading software and added funds to your new account All that is left to do is become informed about the basics of trading. Many brokers offer training materials free of charge, and video tutorials are quite common as well. This makes it easy to master the fundamentals of the market, and become accustomed to your new trading platform.

Once you’ve absorbed this information, you can then begin trading. This represents the culmination of your journey, and you are now officially a trader. With your software providing market insights and you now familiar with how to execute a trade, you can capitalize on every opportunity to profit.

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